Obviously price factor is one reason but there are other features too that we are looking for. And believe it or not a big part of the decision of buying a new product comes down to something not many people realize, COLOR.

According to a study from the “Color Marketing Group”, 85% of consumers base their purchasing decision on a products’ color. And to be honest, big companies they all spend billions of dollars each year trying to figure out which colors will appeal to their consumers or which ones are the top trending colors.

And the Pantone Color Institute, a color consultancy has released its Color of the Year for 2020. And more than just a cool color, is supposed to be a color that reflects where we are as a culture. And this year’s Pantone’s Color of the is, Classic Blue. (No. 19-4052, that’s the exact shade for those nerds out there)

According to the official site, this variation of blue was chosen for the fact that it instills “calm, confidence, and connection” and that the blue hue “highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

And by the way, Pantone does not just consider Classic Blue a color; it’s a whole “experience”. Like some candles with the smell of classic blue, or some jelly for the taste of classic blue.

And they even have a sound of classic blue. So if you want to hear the sound of classic blue then just click on this audio.

In conclusion, what exactly does this mean for you as you enter a new year 2020? Pantone’s Color of the Year sets the tone of upcoming designs in the home goods, tech gadgets, makeup space and practically every other category of shopping in between. So be prepared to see Classic Blue a lot over the course of the next few months and when you see that remember not to fall for the consumerism.

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